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ISmart-China Discounted GSM Economic price Burglar Alarm

Quantity : 100   Price : 29.0 USD

iSmart-China Discounted GSM Economic price Burglar Alarm

In most instances, the GSM Economic price Burglar Alarm are actually far adaptable on the choosing of the installing regions compared to the telephone line Economic price Burglar Alarm.
The stableness of the gsm Economic price Burglar Alarm as with the ISG-5100, relies on the gsm signal strength, so , make sure you think of the regions with a lot better gsm signal as the perfect installing regions earlier than the installing .
This ISG-5100 GSM Economic price Burglar Alarm supports maximum 6 wireless zones along with 4 wired zones , best with a lot of the defense projects.
Model: ISG-5100 (ismart-china GSM Economic price Burglar Alarm.
Model ISG-5100
Network GSM
Maximum Recognized Wired zones 4
Maximum Recognized Wireless zones 6
Contact ID Optional
SMS Notification Number 3
Dial Alarm Phone number 6
Scheduled Arm / Disarm
Relay output
Ordinary Packing List:
1. Alarm Control x1
2. IR Motion Sensor x1
3. Door magnetic contacts x1
4. Siren x1
5. Security remotesx2
6. DC Power Supply x1
Please feel free to call us once you are pleased to learn additional detail with the GSM Economic price Burglar Alarm.
Who we are?
We iSmart-China are specialized in Alarm Control (GSM Economic price Burglar Alarm, Phone Line Economic price Burglar Alarm) in China for 5 years.
What we supply?
Alarm Control:
GSM Economic price Burglar Alarm, PSTN Economic price Burglar Alarm(Landline Economic price Burglar Alarm),
Suitable Detectors:
IR Motion Sensor , Senior panic button, Visible laser beam detector alarm, Door magnetic contacts , Window magnetic contacts, Vibration detector, Smoke detection, Lgp detector, Siren, , Glass Break Detector, Wireless water leakage, and so on.
Asset Security alarm Solution, Perimeter Security alarm Alarm Solution, Central Security alarm Alarm Tracking Solution
Why us?
1. 5 years of pro Economic price Burglar Alarm supplier as well as solutions provider, much trustworthy.
2. ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING (OEM) Service can help you establish your own brand.
3. Low price range make you acquire superior market share.
Call us
Make sure to call us for far more data or perhaps solutions once you want to extend your business / products or services variety / market share with the GSM Economic price Burglar Alarm ISG-5100.
(Once you had any existing ideas of purchasing this GSM Safeguard Alarm Kit from us please feel free to call us.)
Any messages from you will be extremely valued.
Location : Xixiang, Bao'an, 518100 Xixiang,
Contact : Sam Lau, +8675533072971

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ISmart-China Discounted GSM Economic price Burglar Alarm

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