International Trade

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  • Import-Export steps

    1. To make a commercial offer (or a call for tenders) and to be able to use the Incoterms You have to master the run risks as soon as you have begun an international sale or purchase. You have also to use the incoterms to ensure a good freight. The Incoterms define responsibilities and obligations of a seller and a buyer in the framework of international commercial contracts. 2. To understand the importance of logistics and to adopt a strategy...

  • Payment methods

    1) Cash in advance Receiving payment by cash in advance of the shipment might seem ideal. In this situation, the exporter is relieved of collection problems and has immediate use of the money. A wire transfer is commonly used and has the advantage of being almost immediate. Payment by check, may result in a collection delay of up to six weeks. Therefore, this method may defeat the original intention of receiving payment before shipment. Many exporters...

  • Lexicon

    - French / English - account : compte additional clause : avenant addressee : destinataire airfreight : fret aérien air freight collect : réglement des frais de transport aérien Air WayBill (AWB) : Lettre de Transport Aérien (LTA) amount, sum : montant arrangements : régimes économiques average : avarie batch : lot Bill of Lading (B/L) : connaissement maritime board : bord bonded : sous douane bonded warehouse : entrepôt sous douane border ...

  • Acronyms

    - The acronyms are used with international to facilitate the exchanges of information. You will find the definitions in this glossary of the international initials for the import and the export of goods. - A/W : Air Waybill ADR : European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road ATL : Air Transport Letter AWB : AirWay Bill B/C : Bulk Carrier B/L : Bill of Lading BAF : Bunker Adjustment Factor C/I ...

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Imitation - Counterfeiting

Nowadays, imitations are invading a a large amount of sectors, it penalizes the professionals by creating an unfair competition for the trustworthy users and is deteriorating the relations between buyers and sellers.