Verified : The verification status of


What is the VERIFIED status ?
The VERIFIED status, given to an user, attests that verifications have been made regarding his personal and professional identity following the reception of official documents.
Warning: this verification, updated every 12 months, is not a warranty about the ads content and does not have any contractual value from Algomtl.


The verification process.
Following the subscription to the full-license (3 / 12 / 24 months), we start immediately the verification process by asking the user to send us the following documents:

  • Extract of the company registration document in effect in his country
  • Owner's ID card or passport photocopy


We will also ask the user to fill a short form which will sum up the basic information about the account and the commercial activity. Once these information checked by our team, and under reserve of their validity, we will give the VERIFIED status and the full-license advantages. The length of the VERIFIED status depends on the duration of the subscription to the full-license.

Buy to VERIFIED sellers, whom identity has been certified by Algomtl.

To obtain the VERIFIED status on Algomtl, sellers must conform to a verification process by giving us the documents which allow us to certify their legal and commercial existence.*
To confer them the VERIFIED status, we are committing ourselves to make serious, objective and independent verifications.
  Secure your clients and gain visibility and credibility.

Who has never had any doubt about the serious and reliability of his interlocutor? By showing to your clients that you have got nothing to hide, our VERIFIED status brings you transparency and credibility.
EBy providing to Algomtl the legal information confirming your serious and your professional status, you are showing your will to start a trustworthy relationship with your clients and you will also optimize your chances to conclude a deal with the other Algomtl users.

Discover the other exclusive advantages of the offer!

* In case of incorrect, false, invalid or simply no information, Algomtl will stop the validation process without any refund or compensation. This will apply to every functionality linked to the full-license. This status does not engage the website responsibility in case of dispute regarding a client, prior or subsequently to his subscription. During all the duration of your subscription, the verification of your information will be made every year at anniversary date. In case you do not want to renew your subscription to the full-license, the VERIFIED status will be removed. reserve the right to bring modifications to the present offer and to the previously described products without any notice.