Useful websites for import export

Official organizations:

CCE (Consultants for the French External Trade):

Customs information:

DGDDI (General Directorate of Customs and Indirect Rights):

European institutions:

The European Union On-Line

Worldwide bank

FMI (International Monetary Fond):

OMC (World Trade Organization):

CNUDCI (Commission of United Nations for the International Commercial Right):

Public interest organizations:

CCI (International Chamber of Commerce)

Afnor (Normalization French Agency):

INPI (National Institute for the Industrial Property):

Transport, logistics, packaging:

ASLOG (French Asociation for Logistics) :

TLF (French Logistics and Transport Companies Federation):


FFSA (French Federation of Insurance Companies):

COFACE (French Insurance Company for the External Trade):

CCIFE (French Chamber of Commerce and Industry Abroad):

Magazines, information:


CTI (International Technics Center):