The acronyms are used with international to facilitate the exchanges of information. You will find the definitions in this glossary of the international initials for the import and the export of goods.

A/W : Air Waybill
ADR : European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road
ATL : Air Transport Letter
AWB : AirWay Bill
B/C : Bulk Carrier
B/L : Bill of Lading
BAF : Bunker Adjustment Factor
C/I : Certificate of Insurance
C/O : Certificate of Origin
C/P : Charter Party
CAD : Cash Against Documents
CAF : Currency Adjustement Factor
CAP : Common Agricultural Policy
CCO : Customs Clearance Outwards
CCT : Common Customs Tariffs
CET : The Common External Tariff
CFR : Cost and Freight
CIF : Cost, Insurance and Freight
CIP : Carriage and Insurance Paid to
COD : Cash On Delivery
CPT : Carriage Paid To
CSC : Container Service Changes
CT : Combined Transport or Conference Terms
CTB/L : Combined Transport Bill of Landing
D/A : Documents against Acceptance
D/D : Door to Door
D/O : Delivery Order
D/P : Documents against Payment
DAF : Delivered At Frontier
DC : Developing Countries
DDP : Delivered Duty Paid
DDU : Delivered Duty Unpaid
DEQ : Delivered Ex Quay
DES : Delivered Ex Ship
DFR : Data Freight Receipt
DG : Dangerous Goods
EBRD : European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ECB : European Central Bank
ECE : Export Customs Entry
EIB : European Investment Bank
EDI : Electronic Data Interchange
EDIFACT : Electronic Data Interchange Standard For Administraction, Commerce and Transport
EONIA : Euro OverNight Index Average
EXW : Ex Works
FCR : Forwarder\'s Cargo Receipt
FOB : Free On board
FAC : Forwarding Agent\'s Commission
FPA : Free of Particular Average
FAS : Free Alongside Ship
FBL : FIATA Bill of Lading
FCL : Full Container Load
FCR : Receipt Forwarders Certificate of Transport
FI : Free In
FIFO : First In and Out
FIO : Free In and Out
FIOS : Free In and Out Stowed
FMC : Federal Maritime Conference
FO : Free Out
FOB : Free on Board
FWR : FIATA Warehouse Receipt
GSP : Generalized System of Preferences
GW : Gross Weight
HAWB : House Air WayBill
HB/L : House Bill of Lading
HS : Harmonized System
IATA : International Air Transport Association
IBRD : International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ICC : International Chamber of Commerce
ICE : Import Customs Entry
IEC : International Electrotechnical Commission
IFF : Institute of Freight Forwarders
IFFFA : International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
IRT : International Road Transit
ISO : International Standardization Organisation
JIT : Just In Time
LCL : Less than a Container Load
LDC : Least Developed Countries
LIFO : Last In, First Out
LTL : Less than a Truck Load
MAWB : Master Air WayBill
MB/L : Master Bill of Lading
MT : Metric Ton
MTD : Multimodal Transport Document
NIE : Newly Industrialized Economies
NP : Named Port
NTB : Non-Tariff Barriers
NVD : No Value Declared
NVOCC : Non Vessel Operator Common Carrier
NW : Net Weight
PCT : Patent Co-operation Treaty
Ro-Ro : Roll-on/Roll-off
SDR : Special Drawing Rights
SWB : Sea WayBill
SWIFT : Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecomunication
T/T : Transit Time
TBL : Througt Bill of Lading
TEU : Twenty Equivalent Unit
THC : Terminal Handling Charges
THD : Terminal Handling Discharges
THL : Terminal Handling Loading
TIR : Transit International Routier
ULD : Unite Load Device
UCP : Uniform Customs and Practice
ULD : Unit Load Device
VAT : Value Added Tax
VES : Vessel
W/B : WayBill
WTO : World Trade Organisation
W/W : Warehouse Warrant