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Heated Gear & Air Conditioned Clothing

Price : 25usd~100usd

Heated gears are garments that use mobile power to drive the heating piece to heat up quickly to keep warm, including electric heated suit, heated jackets, thermal underwear, heated vests, heated gloves, heated socks, etc. Eleheat is a professional heated coat factory, heated vest factory and heated jacket factory, and we can provide various heated clothing for sale. The mobile power supply of heated gears is light and convenient to carry; the power supply generally adopts the human body safety DC voltage below 12V. Heated gears of heated winter clothing can be multi-zone heating, heating pads of heated winter clothing are usually set in the front chest, front abdomen, back waist, back, joints, and other heat-sensitive parts of the human body. The heating temperature of the heated gears is usually 45℃~65℃, and there are 3 levels of temperature that electric heated work suit can be adjusted. In the cold winter, when you are outdoors, you can adjust the temperature of the electric winter coat at will to keep warm according to your needs.

Air-conditioned clothing is comfortable to wear and cools down quickly in 3 seconds. According to the regulation principle of the human physiological cooler, the cool breeze brought by the fan continuously evaporates sweat and keeps the body cool and comfortable. Wearing air-conditioning clothing can resist ultraviolet rays, prevent skin sunburn and reduce the damage to the skin from prolonged sun exposure. Air conditioning clothing keeps the body cool and solves the problem of heat dissipation while also preventing heat stroke and reducing skin diseases. It also helps workers to preserve their strength and improve their work efficiency.

Different Types Of Heated Gear

Heated Clothing

Heated Hand Warmer

Heated Footwear

Heated Therapy


Air Conditioned Clothing & Accessories

Air Conditioned Clothing

Summer is hot, but it can also be cool. Air-conditioned clothing that comes with two lightweight fans and 3D three-dimensional circulation air delivery.

Air Conditioned Clothing For Sale

Air Conditioned Vest

In extremely hot environments, the air conditioned vest can continuously send air to help you keep your whole body cool.

Phase Change Cooling Vest

A cooling vest, also known as an ice vest and air-conditioning vest, is a vest that reduces the temperature of the human body through its own device in a high-temperature environment without air condi...

Fan Cooling System

Air-conditioned clothing, importing flowing air from the fan, speeds up the evaporation of sweat and blows hot air out of the collar and cuffs, forming a circulating air layer to achieve cooling.

Why Choose ELEHEAT's Heated Gear & Air Conditioned Clothing

Extensive Industry Experience

16 years of experience in the electric heating industry, a leading supplier of wearable heating systems in the industry.

Complete One-stop Solutions

A full range of OEM/ODM product solutions are available.

Own Several Factories, Fast Supply Capacity

With strong production strength, we have our own garment factory, complete production equipment, and customizable heating modules.

Strong R&D Team and Strength

The engineers in the R&D department master advanced and mature wearable technology , and the designers in the clothing department design clothing with various styles and types.

Create Smart Clothing to Improve Life Quality

Combining safe and reliable wearable technology to create temperature-adjustable and washable clothing to improve people's quality of life.

ELEHEAT's Core Heating & Cooling Technology

Heating Technology

ELEHEAT's heating technology, includes far-infrared heating technology, sensing technology, intelligent control technology, electronic devices, clothing connection technology, signal processing, and system communication technology.

Heating Elements Technology

Our heating elements have the characteristics of tensile resistance, kneading resistance, washing resistance, bending resistance, etc., good stability, low rate of repair and customer complaints, stable process, and the advantage of mass production.

Cooling Technology

In a high-temperature environment, the effect of heat dissipation from the human skin surface is limited if the body relies only on natural convection and evaporation.

Heated Gear Battery Technology

According to the type of products used in the matching, our batteries have three main categories, special batteries for heating apparel, special batteries for air-conditioning apparel, and dual-use batteries.

As a heated clothing factory, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

Location : Room 2101-2102, Building F1, Tian An Cyber Park, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, 523000 Dongguan,
Contact : ELEHEAT ELEHEAT, 0769 26885752

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Heated Gear & Air Conditioned Clothing

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