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CHINA SINGULAR ZM-3B Concrete Compound Early Strength Anti-freezing Admixture

ZM-3B Concrete Compound Early Strength Anti-freezing Admixture

ZM-3B contains water reducing, early strength and anti-freezing ingredients, is a kind of multifunction compound early strength anti-freezing admixture, making concrete work under low temperature, even minus temperature. It has high water-reducing rate, strong dispersibility on cement particles, and can obviously improve peaceability and workability of concrete. It is non-toxic, pollution-free, does not contain chlorine salt, without corrosion effect on reinforcing steel. It is applicable to pumping concrete, commodity concrete and large-volume concrete under construction in winter with -15℃.

I. Property

Liquid agent

1. Appearance: brownish red liquid

2. Specific gravity: 1.19—1.25(20℃)

3. Air content: ≤4%

4. PH value: 11-13

5. Active ingredient: ≥25%

II. Main technical performance

1. Water reduction: mixing amount 2.5-3.5% , water-reducing rate: 15-25%.

2. Plastification: increase slump of concrete by over 12cm with water-cement ratio unchanged; slight slump loss, applicable to long-distance transport.

3. Anti-freeze: it can be used under low temperature and within -15℃ scope.

4. Enhancement: increase the early strength of concrete by 50-80% and the later strength by 15-30%.

5. Cement saving: effectively lower the bleeding rate of concrete, improve peaceability and workability of concrete and effectively prevent from blocking.

III. Usage

1. Mixing amount: 2.5-3.5% of the weight of gelled materials, the optimal amount can be determined within the recommended scope according to its adaptability to cement, changes in climate and slump of concrete and other requirements (the special adjustment and preparation shall be conducted for engineering with special requirements). The adaptability with cement shall be tested in advance according to the mixture ratio of concrete when this product is being used.

2. The product shall be added with mixing water at the same time (water content shall be deducted from it when liquid product is being used,).

3. The maintenance code for concrete shall be the same as that for the ordinary concrete.

IV. Package and storage

1. This product shall be sealed for waterproofing during storage and there shall be specially-assigned personnel in charge of the tank truck after it has been transported to the site and independent storage container sealed for waterproofing.

2. Shelf life: 1 year.

ransported to the site and independent storage container sealed for waterproofing.

3. Shelf life: 2 years.

Location : Tianjing Road Tongshan area, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China, 221000 Xuzhou,Jiangsu,
Contact : Amy Lee, 0086 180 2059 5192

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CHINA SINGULAR ZM-3B Concrete Compound Early Strength Anti-freezing Admixture

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