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Equipment goods

Bulk LANDLINELANDLINE Home alarm system

Quantity : 100   Price : 27.5USD

Bulk LANDLINELANDLINE Home alarm system


Usually the LANDLINELANDLINE Home alarm system are more dependable than the GSM network Door digital wireless security alarm systems, due to the signal transferring difference, so if you need real-time reactions, you may consider the LANDLINELANDLINE Home alarm system.

The LANDLINELANDLINE Home alarm system like the ISP-2000 rely on the telephone network, so if you need to install the Home alarm system in some remote areas without telephone network, you may need to choose the gsm Home alarm system.
Suitable for:

This ISP-2000 LANDLINELANDLINE Home alarm system is quite economical, suitable for most of the Real estate Safeguards projects.
Model ISP-2000
Max Supported Wired detectors Eight
Max Supported Wireless detectors Thirty Two
Dial Alert Number Six
Scheduled Arm Or Disarm One Groups
Other Features Screen + key board Operating
Regular Packaging List:
1. Home alarm system x1
2. Motion detector laser x1
3. Door contact x1
4. Horn x1
5. Remote buttonsx1
Please kindly contact us If you happen to be wondering to know more information about the SMS Door digital wireless security alarm system.

What we do?
iSmart-China are professional manufacturer of Home alarm system (SMS Door digital wireless security alarm system, PSTN Door digital wireless security alarm system) over Five yrs.
What we offer?
Home alarm system:
SMS Door digital wireless security alarm system, PSTN Door digital wireless security alarm system(Telephone line Door digital wireless security alarm system),
Compatible Sensors:
Motion detector laser , Personal panic button, Active infrared sensor, Door contact , Window contact, WIRELESS VIBRATE DETECTOR, Smoke detectors, Gas Leakage Detector, Horn, Broken Glass Sensor, Water Leakage Detector, and many others.
Real estate Safeguards System, Border Safeguards Alert System, Centralized Safeguards Alert Watching System
Why choosing us?
1. Five yrs professional Door digital wireless security alarm system manufacturer also systems supplier, more reliable.
2. OEM Support assist you develop your brand name.
3. Competing quote help you win more exciting market response.
Contact us
Do contact us for more info and / or services if you intend to widen your sales or products line or market response through the SMS Door digital wireless security alarm system ISP-2000.
(If you got any kind enquiries about importing the SMS Security Alarm System from us please kindly get in touch with us.)
Any specific information coming from you shall be highly appreciated.

Location : Xixiang, Bao'an, 518100 Xixiang,
Contact : Sam Lau, +8675533072971

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Bulk LANDLINELANDLINE Home alarm system

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