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D.valve 090140-1520 A33

China balin part plant is the 10 top manufacturers for fuel injection parts in China. We pursue the high quality,best prices and services. In this field, we have decadesexperiences of manufacturer and export. At same time,we passed the TS16949 quality certification.

Our main products are as below,
-injector nozzle; pencil nozzle
-head rotor; Lucas head rotor
-delivery valve
-plunger, element
-control valve (9308-621/622/618)
-test bench, nozzle tester, etc.
-Ve pump
-cam disk
-other diesel engine parts
Anything requirements or question,
please contact Amy.
More models we can supply you as below:
D.valve A 131110-3020 3020
D.valve A 131110-3920 A20
D.valve A 131110-4520 A26
D.valve A 131110-4720 A28
D.valve A 131110-5120 A32
D.valve A 131110-5220 A33
D.valve A 131110-5320 A39
D.valve A 131110-5520 A36
D.valve A 131110-5920 A40
D.valve A 131110-6420 A45
D.valve A 131110-6820 A49
D.valve A 131110-7720 A58
D.valve A 131110-7820 A59
D.valve A 131110-8020 A61
D.valve A 131110-8820 A69
D.valve A 131110-9020 A71
D.valve A 131110-9420 A75
D.valve A 131151-0420 A85
D.valve A 131160-0320 A84
D.valve A 131160-0520 A86
D.valve A 131160-1120 A92
D.valve A 131160-1920 02A
D.valve A 131160-2220 05A
D.valve A 131160-2420 07A
D.valve A 131160-2620 09A
D.valve A 131160-2720 10A
D.valve A 131160-2820 11A
D.valve A 131160-2920 12A
D.valve A 131160-3500 19A
D.valve A 131160-3620 20A
D.valve A 131160-5120 37A
D.valve A 131160-5320 39A
More detailed, please contact Amy,
Skype: huang.amy4
Location : Hualin Industrial Zone , 351100 putian,
Contact : Amy ou, 86 15959403321

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D.valve 090140-1520 A33

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