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Equipment goods

CO2 laser marking machine KCs simple type

Quantity : 1   Price : usd5000



KCs Simple,KC1 Fast,KC2 Universal

Laser type/Wavelength


Laser power

10W 30W

Marking size

100mm x 100mm 180mm x 180mm or Order

Marking depth


Marking line speed


Marking width Min


Marking character Min


Power total


Power supply

AC 220V/50Hz


570*840*1240mm(Difference by types)


1.Large power laser can be chosen;

2.Power controlled by software, continuous Adjustable;

3.Marking size is big, clear and not easy to wear, also efficiency is high;

4.Processing cost is low, without any material;

5.Engraving depth can be controlled, can adapt to a variety of products.




3.Plastic products,Acrylic;

4.3M tags,packaging bags;


Location : No.2 Yanhe Rd., LiErSi Industrial Park, Tongzhou Dist.,BeijingChina - 101113, 101113 tongzhou dist, beijing,
Contact : john smith, 010 61509655

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CO2 laser marking machine KCs simple type

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