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Shenzhen Jercio Technology Co., Ltd in the production of built-in IC light point of the 144L-144LED,

LED supply SMD full color 5050RGB lights, XT1511 lights a 144 color light water led full-color digital soft lights

The 144L-144LED/M waterproof light of full-color built-in IC

Full color lamp with product description:

The lamp strip adopting the world's first built-in IC series lamp driving light emitting various XT1511 drive IC based plus a 104 capacitors. Driving lamp lamp panel looks very simple and beautiful, and the same XT1511 drive IC is a performance very stable brightness is very high. It is made of beads, high brightness, stable performance, surface appearance, concise, convenient production, low cost.

It is the ideal choice for lighting lighting outdoor lighting design.

1, Product type: XT1511 full color light 144L-144LED/M;

2, Light source: SMD 5050 LED;

3, Plate: FPCB;

4: Taiwan epstar chip, chip, and other chips in Taiwan;

5, IC model: XT1511, (1 m 144 IC, 1 IC 1 LED control lamp);

6, Gray level: 256, (1 m 144 pixels);

7, LED number: 144 lights / meter, every 1 lights for a group, you can cut;

8, Light emitting angle: 120 degrees;

9, Light emitting color: can be adjusted by the controller, white, red, yellow, blue, green, and so on;

10, Standard operating voltage: 5V DC;

11, Power: 43.2W + 10% / m;

12, Waterproof grade: waterproof, epoxy (IP65), (IP67), casing casing solid glue (IP68) etc.;

13, FPCB board size: width:12mm, thickness: 2 oz;

14, FPCB color: white, yellow, black (in addition to white outside the need to be customized);

15, Packing: 2 m / roll, light bar back 3M adhesive, electrostatic bag packaging;

Full color lights with a product picture:



Main features:

1, The principle of control: a IC control a single led a loop (a group), the controller through control IC to FPCB inside the circuit control, to control the LED lights change different effect; such as flicker, chase, jump, clockwise in Happy Valley, counterclockwise in Happy Valley, monochromatic, Happy Valley, discoloration, Happy Valley, single chase from beginning to end, water to simulate lightning; this light changing effect not limited to current controller built-in 300 kinds of effect, can according to customer needs, self prepared; line screen can display, words, letters, pictures, animation, and so on.

2, Environmental safety: the use of high-quality bright LED 5050 SMD. The features of low power consumption, low heat generation, no glare, impact resistance and so on. Low voltage DC 5V, 12 volt power supply, high safety and reliability.

3, Color rich and varied according to the needs of customers through the controller to adjust.

4, Long life: the average life of 50 thousand hours.

5, Cutting, welding is convenient and free: each group of LED can form a loop, can be cut off along the top of the cut and welding to achieve the requirements of the customer requirements of a variety of lamp length.

6, Soft: the use of soft FPCB board as the substrate, can be arbitrarily docking, bending, cutting and arbitrarily fixed in the concave and convex surface.

7, Light and thin, suitable for installation in narrow space.

Location : 深圳市宝安区,石岩镇石岩镇石龙社区,创业路11号, 000000 石岩,
Contact : yanyu JIAO, +86 18312485167

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