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Xuzhou Reliance Engineering Science Technology Co., Ltd specializes in engineering machinery accessories wholesale and retail business for many years. The company is located in China's largest construction machinery production base --- Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Company has cooperated with the Caterpillar, XCMG, Meritor, etc many other well-known local heavy machinery companies and parts manufacturers in long time , but also with Liu gong, SDLG, SHACMAN, and other manufacturers have good partnership. The company has operations in dozens of countries and regions covering America, Africa, the Middle East and other regions.

The main products: XCMG Loader parts, Graders parts, Crane parts, Excavator parts, Roller parts, Paver parts, ZF gearbox assembly and parts, Shangchai engine assembly and accessories, Weichai engine assembly and accessories sales, Yuchai engine assembly and accessories sales, Cummins engine assembly and parts sales, Dongfanghong diesel, Xuzhou Meritor axle, Feicheng axle parts sales, various kinds of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, filters, engine accessories, such as construction machinery parts.

Main business scope:

1.Construction machine: wheel loaders, rollers, grader, cranes, truck with crane, etc.

2.Spare parts: supply all the spare parts of wheel loaders, rollers, grader, cranes, Truck with crane directly from XCMG and its supporting manufactures.

3.Engine spare parts: WEICHAI, SHANGCHAI,YUCHAI, COMMINS , ISUZU, etc.

4.Transmission gearbox spare parts: Hangzhou gear transmission, ZF gearbox, etc.


6.Pumps and valves: gear pump, hydraulic pump, turbine pump, fuel delivery pump, pressure pump, hydraulic valve, solenoid valve, etc.

Main product:

1. Loader series:

ZL30G、LW300K、LW300FN、LW300KN、LW320F、LW321F、ZL40G、LW400K、LW400F、LW420F、 ZL50G、LW500FN、ZL50GN、ZL50GL、LW 500KN、LW500D、 LW500K-LNG、ZL60G、LW600K、LW600K-LNG、LW640G、LW700K、LW800K、LW820G、LW900K、 XT670-140 Forklift、XT740 Skid steer loader、XT760 Skid steer loader、XT870 backhoe loader、XT870H backhoe loader、LW600FN(F series)loader、LW500FN(F series)loader、LW300KN (K series)loader、XC6-4517 telescopic forklift loader、XC6-3507 telescopic forklift loader、XC6-3514 telescopic forklift loader、LW500D(D series)loader、LW1200KN(K series)loader、LW900KN-LNG(Gas series loader)、LW600KN(Kseries)loader、LW600K-T25 Variant product、LW500KL-T18 Variant product、LW800K-LNGGas series loader、LW500KNK loader、LW200K mini loader、LW400KN(K series)loader、LW160K、LW220、LW188、 LW158 mini loader

2.Excavator series:

Middle excavator : XE135B、XE150D、XE200C、XE215CA、XE215CLL、XE225CA、XE235C、XE260CALL、XE265C、 XE335C、XE370CA.

Big excavator: XE1300C、XE470C、XE470CK、XE490CH、XE490CK、XE500CA、XE500M、XE700C、XE900C.

Small excavator: XE15、XE4、XE60CA、XE65CA、XE80C、XE85C.

Super big excavator: XE2800E、XE3000、XE4000

Wheeled excavator: XE150W、XE210W

3.Road machinery:


XS series roller: XS122、XS122E、XS143、XS163、XS183、XS183E、XS203、XS203E、XS223、XS223E、XS263、 XS303、XS333、XS83PD;

XP series roller: XP163、XP203、XP261、XP262、XP263、XP263K、XP263S、XP301、XP302、XP303、XP303K、X P303S;

XD series roller: XD112E、XD122E、XD132E、XD143、XD82E、 XD122/XD132/XD142;

XSJ series roller: XS142J、XS162J、XS183J、XS203J、XS203JE、XS223J、XS223JE、XS263J;

XMR series roller: XD830S、XMR05、XMR08、XMR083、XMR15S、XMR30/E30、XMR303/403、XMR303S/403S 、XMR 30E、XMR30S、XMR403、XMR40S、XMR453;

2.Grader: GR100、GR135、GR135C、GR150M、GR165、GR180、GR180C、GR180R、GR200、GR215、GR215A 、GR215C、GR215K、GR260、GR300;

3.Paver: RP1253、RP1356S、RP403、RP452L、RP600、RP601、RP602、RP602L、RP756、RP802、RP903 、RP903E、RP952、RP953、RP953E;


1.crane truck

QY100K-Ⅰ(weichai)、QY110K、QY12B.5、QY130K-Ⅰ(weichai)、QY160K、QY16B.5Ⅱ、QY1 6G.5Ⅱ、QY20B.5Ⅱ、QY20K5、QY25K-Ⅱ、 QY25K5-Ⅰ、QY25K5A、QY30K5-Ⅰ、QY50B.5Ⅱ、QY50KA

2.All terrain crane

QAY1000、QAY1200、QAY180、QAY220、QAY260A、QAY300A、QAY350、QAY500、QAY55、QAY6 50、QAY800、XCA5000、XCL800

3.Crawler crane

Quy100、quy150、quy250、quy280、quy350、quy400、quy450、quy55、quy650、quy700、q uy750、quy75、quy85、xgc100、xgc13 0、xgc150、xgc15000

4.Truck crane

Sq3.2sk1q、sa3.s.k2q、sa4sk2q、sq4sk3q、sq5sk2q、sq5sk3q、sq6.3sk2q、sq6.3sk3 q、sq8sk3q、sq8sk3q-Ⅱ、sqs157-B<! -- div-->

5.Telescopic crawler crane


5.、Engine and other

1.Weicahi engine : WD615、WD618、 WD12、 WP4、 WP6、 WP10、 WP12、 TBD226B assembly and parts.

2.Shangchai engine: C6121、 D6114、 G6135 assembly and parts.

3.Yucahi engine: YC6108、 YC6G240-30、 YC6G270-30、 YC6G300-30、 YC6G240-40、 YC6G270-40、 YC6A、 YC4FA、 YC4A、 YC4D、 YC4F、YC6B assembly and parts.

4.Hangzhou gear box: WG180、 WG181、 4WG180、 WG200、 XB230、YB310、YD13、 YD50、 YL13、 YDB341、 ZL20-BS428、 ZL40-ZL50 gearbox assembly and parts.

5.Xuzhou Meritor Axle parts: various fuel of pump, fuel injection pump, solenoid valves, control valves, gear motors etc.

Location : Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Quanshan National University Science Park, 221000 xuzhou,
Contact : Nancy Lee, +86 0516 83898063

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XCMG spare parts-loader-LW300F-engine air filter-B7617-1109101 860112802

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