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X-ray Baggage Scanner TE-XS6550DB

X-ray Baggage Scanner

Model: TE-XS6550DB

Brand: Techik

Application: security inspection for carry-on baggage or parcels etc. It is an ideal security inspection system to inspect medium size baggage in railway stations, bus stands, government institutions, mall centers, multiplex theaters, hotels etc.

Main Features:

Duel View Design

Compact Design

High Density Alarm

Cost Effective

Extremely High Resolution

Multi-language Support

Dual-energy Material Discrimination

Assist to Detect Drug and Explosive Powder

GPU-accelerated Image Processing

Technical Parameters:

General Specification

Tunnel Size 655mm(width) ×505mm(height)

Conveyor Speed 0.2m/s

Conveyor Height 690mm

Max. Load 160kg(even distribution)

Wire Resolution 40AWG(0.0787mm of wire)> 44 SWG

Spatial Resolution horizontal Ф1.0mm vertical Ф1.0mm

Penetrable Resolution 34AWG(0.160mm)

Steel 40mm

Monitor 17-inch color monitor with resolution: 1280×1024

X-ray Generator

Anode Voltage 140-160Kv

Cooling/Run Cycle sealed oil cooling/ 100%

X-Ray Generator Number 2

Radiation Modality bottom/side radiation

Per-inspection Dose less than 5.0μGy

Image Processing System

Image Enhancement Features color/black & white image ,organic and inorganic elimination ,alterable absorption, super-enhancement, negative mode, high/low energy penetrability, pseudo color etc

Image Resolution organics: orange

inorganic: blue

mixture and light metal: green

Selection and Enlargement variable zoom, 1-32 times enlargement, support continuous enlargement

Image Playback 50 checked images playback

Storage Capacity at least 100,000 images

Radiation Safety

Radiation Leakage less than 1.0μGy /h ( 5cm away from shell)

comply with all domestic and international health and radiation safety standards

Film Safety in accordance with ASA/ISO1600 film safe standard

System Functions

TIP(Threat Image Projection), hazardous area alarm,high density alarm, date / time display, baggage counter, user management, system timing, ray beam timing, power on self test, image back-up and search, maintenance and diagnosis, bi-directional scanning

Optional Functions

video monitor system/LED(liquid crystal display)/energy-conservation and environmental-protection equipment/electronic weighing system/speaker etc

Installation Data

External Dimension 2448mm(length) ×1355mm(width) ×1362mm(height)

Weight 820Kg

Operation Voltage AC220V(-15%~+10%) 50±3Hz

Power Consumption 0.9kVA

Operation Temperature 0℃±3℃~+40℃±2℃

Storage Temperature -40℃±3℃~+60℃±2℃

Relative Humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)

Noise Level 65dB(A)

Location : No.145 South Huazhan RdXuhui DistrictShanghai, 200000 shanghai,
Contact : Ning Wang, +86 021 61922981

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X-ray Baggage Scanner TE-XS6550DB

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