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World exclusivity House passive kit

Quantity : 1   Price : 35 000,00 €

Exclusivity in the world, real revolution in the world of the housing environment, the "Géod home" is the house of the future.

Exceptional insulation, unequalled cost of implementation which answers the sharpest standards, Géod' home allows to propose an an house with all modern conveniences for a small price list with performances of a house at the top of the range.
Builder, distributors: passive house R10(equivalencyR55 in us) of 926 square(86m²) foot or doubled 1852(172m²) square foot in the earthquake-resistant and cyclonic standards, and big resistance in the snow, adapted to all the bad weather finity the cumbersome materials, the French manufacturing.
We are looking for distributors.
Contact us for more information.

Location : 2 rue ampere, 45140 Ingré,
Contact : Mohand Rabhi, +33 6 51 58 49 00

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World exclusivity House passive kit

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