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Twist Wire Wheel Brush

The fiber of this kind of twisted wire wheel brush is consist of a bunch of carbon steel wire and twist them together, which has a strong cutting force, destructive power. Twisted knot wire brush wheel is mainly used in the first grinding process, suitable for removing the hardest, most stubborn metal burr. It can also be used for stone

grain processing, grinding. In order to get best polishing effect, customer should choose other types of brush to deal with the workpiece later such as abrasive twist knot brush.
What is a Rotary Wire Brush Used for?
Twist knot wire brush is a kind of stainless steel wire brush rolls mounted on a fully automatic high speed brush for polishing. Knotted wire wheel brush is generally composed of an external wire and an internal spindle, with both straight and curved external wires. It is often used in steel or aluminum surface treatment plants for polishing and surface oxide removal.
Advantages of knotted wire wheel for angle grinder
The quality of the brush wire directly determines the quality of the twisted wire brush for drill. When choosing a twist knot wheel brush, you can observe whether the peak height of the wire is consistent, whether the color difference of the wire is large, and whether the metal base has rust spots and scratches.
Metal processing commonly used abrasive wire brush roll, because it has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, which is widely used in the primary processing of steel, steel plate rust removal, galvanized steel production, steel plate color coating and other industries; or use metal wire brush roll, such as steel wire, copper wire, etc. as bristles for polishing.
Its abrasion resistance is better than nylon wire. Because of its acid resistance, alkali resistance and other characteristics, mainly used in the steel industry or other hardware industry, used in the cleaning of steel plate to remove rust and oxide, the initial processing of steel, galvanized steel production, steel plate color coating; other casting parts of the deburring polishing treatment, steel belt, aluminum belt, copper belt and other products polishing treatment and mirror effect treatment and other industries.

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Twist Wire Wheel Brush

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