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Shecare Fetal Heart Beat Monitor

Fetal Heart Beat Monitor

Apply appropriate coupling agent, slowly move the baby heartbeat with phone beat monitor also known as prenatal heart rate monitor to carefully search for fetal heart sounds. After hearing fetal heart sounds, it is necessary to continue to move the probe to find the position with the clearest, brightest sound and obvious rhythm sense. After finding, keep the fetal heart rate monitor at home stationary. The fetal heart rate displayed after 3-5 seconds is the accurate fetal heart rate.

When the gestational week is larger, if the fetus is moved strongly, the fetal displacement may be caused. At this time, the doppler baby heart monitor should be moved again to find the best fetal heart instrument position. Guide the user to place the probe according to the position of the fetal heart when the doctor listened to the fetal heart during the hospital examination, and then slowly move to carefully search. When measuring fetal heart rate, pregnant women should lie flat or half lying down, keep calm and move as less as possible.

Features of shecare Fetal Heartbeat Detector

Intelligent recording & sharing, listen to the beautiful beating of baby's heart

Guard mother's fragile heart, Listen to more at ease.

Intelligent drawing curve of fetal heart rate

The monitoring curve is drawn, and the fetal heart rate record is uploaded to cloud storage at all times.

Replay and share the beating of baby's heart

Every heartbeat can be recorded in shecare App with sound and waveform, which can be shared with husband, family and friends easily.

How to Use a baby heartbeat detector

Clear big screen

High brightness LED display, clear and intuitive, more suitable for home use.

Sensitive probe

High sensitive 2.5 MHz probe of fetal heartbeat detector ensures reliable measurement during pregnancy.

Easy to carry

Comfortable ergonomic design, can operate with single hand, easy to carry.

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Contact : zhen huang, 86 010 56231097

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Shecare Fetal Heart Beat Monitor

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