Imitation - Counterfeiting

Nowadays, imitations are invading a a large amount of sectors, it penalizes the professionals by creating an unfair competition for the trustworthy users and is deteriorating the relations between buyers and sellers.

Here you will find examples of some frequently imitated products:

  • -   Football jerseys imitations, branded handbags, sport shoes,
  • -   Perfumes with the same packaging and/or smell than a famous perfume,
  • -   Simple reproduction of a brand visual identity or name without authorization.

The risks of imitations:

By buying or selling imitations you are taking some very strong risks:

  • -   Confiscation and/or destruction of the incriminated products by the authorities,
  • -   Expensive penalties, as compensations for the violated brands,
  • -   Prison sentence.

Some advice:

  • -   Choose in priority the products sold by the Verified users from which commercial identity has been previously verified.
    NB: This status certifies that we have made a verification of the documents attesting of the user activity at the time of his subscription. The website do not have any responsibility on the quality of the ads, products or in case of involvement from the user in any dispute prior or subsequent to the obtaining of the status.
  • -   Get maximum information about the person you have to deal with (be careful if there is only a mobile phone number or if the postal address sounds weird...).
  • -   Be suspicious about too attractive offers.
  • -   We are pointing the fact that even if you act taking all the aforementioned precautions, we cannot guarantee the quality or the conformity of the products for sale on our website.

Be watchful!

Because the fight against imitations and counterfeiting is in the interest of every professional, you can also help us with an active participation:
Point out the ads that seems against our general terms of use, by clicking on the « abuse report » icon which can be seen on the result pages at the right top of the ads.