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PROSOFT MVI56E-MNETC warranty with one year

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Our company directly purchases goods from abroad.
We can provide equipment and spare parts from different countries and manufacturers, solve your troubles in many places or worry about quality problems, and has great price advantage.
Welcome to call us to get more product detail information.
Even some discontinued ones,such as A-B 1785/1771 and so on.
We are specialized in providing world-reknowed brands: Please don't hesitate to contact me as per following methods:
Skype: 8618060984805
QQ: 3131039261
Phone No: +8618060984805

For detail pics,pls contact us with free!

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PROSOFT MVI56E-MNETC warranty with one year

The stiction compensator function signal is superimposed on the analog output signal to the process, according to the figure below. A short pulse sequence is added to the controller output signal, inside the analog output control module. This signal is of equal amplitude and duration in the direction of the output signal's change rate. Thus, when the signal increases, the pulse is directed upwards (and vice versa)

Location : Unit 1602 First Square No.2 Lujiang Road, 361001 Xiamen,
Contact : Brown Luo, +18 0 60 98 48 05

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PROSOFT MVI56E-MNETC warranty with one year

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