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Stock lots

Office supply pallets

Quantity : 15   Price : 267,00 €

Take advantage of a lot of office supplies sold by the pallet according to the list below:

5 pallets of 1000 archive cardboard boxes 150 eu / pallet)
1 hanging file pallet approx 60 boxes of 25 pcs: 500 eu
1 pallet of small notebook 150 eu
1 palette of more than 3000 smartphone covers + tablet covers (1500eu)
+ protective screens
3 pallets of envelopes (various formats) 150 eu / pallet
3 pallets of various (according to photos attached) 150eu / pallet
1 palette of 4 school desks: 300 eu
Please contact us for any additional requests.

Location : 2b rue des Cheminots, 22440 PLOUFRAGAN,
Contact : Pascal Le mee, 02 30 96 63 26

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Office supply pallets

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France 22440 Stock lots
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Friday, March 24, 2023

Auto parts

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To seize opportunity on a batch of various new parts for automobile. The stock consists of many categories: SHOCK ABSORBERS, BRUSHES EG, SPARK PLUG, AIR CONDITIONING, EXHAUSTS, BRAKING, OILS, MECHANICS, CHASSIS PARTS, ACCESSORIES TIRES, TRANSMISSIONS, GLAZING for a total of more than 5800 parts at the unbeatable price of 6€ per part. . The original value of the stock is around 245000€ Please contact us for any additional information. Localisation : 2b rue des Cheminots, 22440 Bretagne...


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photo not available

Sunday, November 24, 2013

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Déstockage d'un important lot d'assiettes en plastique (effet laqué) de couleur dorée, diamètre : 33 cm. Idéal pour les grandes occasions. La quantité disponible est de près de 130 000 pièces soit environ 150 palettes, (produits avec certificat contact alimentaire). Notre prix défiant toute concurrence : 0.19 euros H.T. / pièce pour l'intégralité du lot. Prix constaté en grande distribution ...


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  • 02 30 96 63 26
  • 33(0)603670505
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Haiwn-800 pvc card digital inkjet printing machine

Friday, February 08, 2013

Quantity : 1000 pcs - Price : usd$5390

Haiwn-800 pvc card digital inkjet printing machine It prints directly on: glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics and all others... with superb adhesion of ink. You can print beautiful full-color prints on any surface faster and cheaper than on any other printer.It is very easy to use...