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Stock lots

Lot of new fans

Quantity : 7500   Price : 12,00 €

To seize the opportunity on a batch of 7500 Eleqo brand fans in black and white depending on the remaining availabilities

REF EL 260 BK Black 16 ‘ fan stand ELEQO fan code EAN 014567760383

REF EL 520 WH White 16' fan stand ELEQO fan code EAN 014567760376

22.90€/pc per unit €16 excl. tax /pc from 100 units

15€/pc from 300 units

14€/pc from 500 units

13€/pc from 700 units

12€ excl. tax/ pc from 1000 units and more

Please contact us for any additional request.

Localisation : 2b rue des Cheminots, 22440 Bretagne,
Personne à contacter : Pascal Le Mée, Tél/whatsapp : 336 03 67 05 05

Location : 2b rue des Cheminots, 22440 PLOUFRAGAN,
Contact : Pascal Le mee, 02 30 96 63 26

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Lot of new fans

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Friday, August 14, 2015

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