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Raw materials

Kola nuts

Quantity : 1000 kg /   Price : 4€

I am exporter of Kola nuts based here in West Africa. I am able to provide a large quantity and very good quality on request from the buyer. I am looking for serious buyers for a long term partnership.


The initial taste of the seed when put in mouth is bitter but gradually it sweetens on chewing. Kola seeds are chewed as a breath freshener.

Kola Nut Chemical Composition

Kola nuts contains :

Caffeine : 2-3.5%

Theobromine : 1.0-2.5%

Phenolix (composed of phlobaphens which is the kola red


D-catechin, and tannic acid)

Sugar (which contains water and cellulose)

Kola Nut Constituents

Kola nut is constituted of

Caffeine (with tinge of theobromine)

Kolanin (combination of kola red and caffeine)




Fatty matter



Some anti-oxidants like phenolics and anthrocyanin Protein.

Location : pkondehou,cotoou-Benin, 229 ville,
Contact : Daniel Houessou, +22 9 96 17 56 58

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Kola nuts

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