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Julong High Recovery Rate Multi-Dimension Gold Minning Dredger

Quantity : 30   Price : US$4000-400000

Julong High Recovery Rate Multi-Dimension Gold Minning Dredger

Product Description:
Julong has been designing and building reliable and easy to operate gold separation and mining equipment for many years.
This kind of small gold dredger is designed for one person to recover gold from underwater deposits. This small gold dredger is composed of engine, water pump, floatation and stainless steel frame. The following pictures show clearly of the structure.
Qingzhou Julong Dredging & Mining Machinery Co., Ltd manufactures and sells various innovative gold mining equipment. Our gold mining equipment are built to run 24/7.
Julong has been designing and building reliable gold separation and mining equipment for over 20 years. Julong gold mining machinery has been exported successfully in more than 15 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.
All the Julong gold mining machinery is simple to operate and of high efficiency and recovery rates for gold from 2 inch nuggets down to 1 micron gold ore. The high recovery rate, reliability and mobility separate Julong from all other competitors in the gold mining industry.
Julong gold mining machinery can be both used in river and on land. It can extract not only gold but also other metals from river , such as stannum, lead, zinc, stibium, diamond. Different mining technologies are available according to customers' requirement, such as gold centrifuge, fluctuation chute, panning sluice, gold collecting grass and carpet, jigger, shaker, amalgamator.
Gold mining machine is mainly used in sand area, especially on the bank of river or dry riverbed. Gold mining dredger is mostly used in rivers or lakes which involve mining and selecting functions. Julong gold mining machinery usually includes material feeding system, material sieving system, gold separating system, tailing processing system, water supplying system, and power supplying system.

High Recovery Rate: Through test, the recovery rate for placer gold can bi over 90%, and for the rock gold mine, when the feeding size is under 0.4mm, the recovery rate can reach 95%.
High Efficiency: Julong gold mining machinery can reach processing capacity more than 200 tons/hour. High efficiency means fast payback of investment.
Easy to Operate: Only two persons can operate the whole Julong gold mining machinery. All the operating buttons and lights can be controlled through controlling desk in the operating room.
Easy to Maintain: The whole machine is designed with simple structure. All the mechanical parts are connected strongly and easy to change by the operators. During the whole working life of the machine, the supplier will supply spare parts for the buyers.
No Pollution: All the gold mining machinery only consumes water and electricity power with low noise, and no chemical involved.
Reliable Performance: Julong gold mining machinery has a simple & tough structure. All the pares are from reputed brand and the main frame is made by strong steel materials. All the equipments will be tested well before delivery.

Working Environment
1.The range of adaptation to the environment: the temperature no higher than 40 degrees Celsius in summer and winter temperatures not lower than -10 degrees Celsius,the air humidity is no more than 30%,wind power does not exceed 7 in rivers.
2. River ore requirements: sand ratio is no less than 60% (clay content is no more than 10% scree content is no more than 15% gravel content is no more than 15% Wind Stone is no higher than 10%.)
3. The ship diesel engine should apply to the CIS countries grade use of fuel, oil.
4. The ship is equipped with night-time lighting system suitable for all weather conditions and working uninterrupted.
5. 2-3 persons operate the dredger every time.
6.The entire dredger is equipped with safety barriers.

JULONG Product Features:
1. Customized design to meet all customer's needs.
2. MOQ: 1 set.
3. Spare parts available.
4. Ensured quality and competitive price.
5. Advanced PLC control system. Easy to operate.
6. Advanced and reliable hydraulic system.
7. Dismountable and easy to transport.
8. Completely assembled and fully tested before delivery.
9. Installation and operation training will be provided at site.
10. Best after-sales servic.

Other Instruments

Ser Description Required Specification Remarks
A Manufacturer Qingzhou JuLong Dredging & Mining Machinery Co., Ltd ISO 9001: 2008
Certified Enterprise
B Brand JuLong Registered Brand
C Make and Model JL 6 Inch Gold Dredger
D 1. Dredger Type
(1) Descriptio Gold Mining Dredger Dismountable
(2) Dimension 3.7 m* 2.4 m
(3) Dredger Frame Material Q235
(4) Dredger Pontoon Material HDPE Easy for carrying
2. Dredger Power
(1) Gasoline Engine Honda GX 390 2 Sets
(2) Gasoline Pump 4 Inch
(3) Oil Consumption 2 L/H
3. Basic Properties
(1) Dredging Depth 10 m
(2) Capacity 12 m3/h
(3) Starting Type Recoil start
4. Gold Sulice
(1) Dimension 0.7 m* 3.0 m
(2) Material Stainless steel
(1) Concentrate Washing Pipe 2 Sets
(2) Sand & Water Suction Pipe PVC wired hose

Welcome to Julong!

Location : Julong Industrial Zone, Huanglou Town, Qingzhou, Weifang, Shandong, China, 262518 Shandong , Weifang,
Contact : Cecilia Cui, 86 536 3837236

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Julong High Recovery Rate Multi-Dimension Gold Minning Dredger

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