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Industrial hot air blower High air volume industrial hot air blower Industrial blower

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HWIR2000F-150air heater is suitable for heating, drying and dehumidifying industry in food, pharmaceutical, electronic, printing, spraying, cleaning and other industries,It can also be used for heating and warming-up in large space.It is small in size, light in weight and easy to move.It has high thermal efficiency,so it can work continuously without interruption,it is durable and has accurate temperature control.


Inlet air interface

This machine adopts the locking type air inlet interface, wind regime selection performance.

Large selection of air volume

This machine can choose or assemble the wind regime by ourselves according to the needs, convenient and practical.

Thermal insulation

Multi fiber thermal insulation cotton is used in thermal insulation,and the shell is very strong,it is safe and reliable when used,can keep high temperature work for a long time.

Temperature regulation

The outlet is equipped with a temperature sensor, which can adjust the temperature according to the needs.The precision of temperature control is 1.

Term ordering detection function (preventing fan reversal)

This machine control system is equipped with motor item ordering sequence detection function.If the item ordering error,the item ordering warning indicator lights up.

Remote open control

This machine has a remote control interface, which can control the start and stop of the machine remotely.

Fan delay function

In order to protect the heating core and prolong the service life of the heating core, the machine has a time delay function of downtime and blow drying. After the machine stops working, the hair dryer will blow off for a minute before it can be shut down.

High heat exchange efficiency

Ingenious design of wind tunnel let the air uniform through the inside and outside of the helical heating wire.Heat exchange near 100%,the loss of wind pressure is less.The heating core of the hot air machine is designed to use the lower surface power density, and the heating temperature in the unit area is low, so the electric heat wire has a long service life.

Air flow regulating valve

The air inlet of the blower is equipped with a manual air volume regulating valve, and the air volume can be adjusted according to the needs.


It has overheating overload protection, power cut protection device, emergency stop switch, phase sequence protection, fully guarantee the safety of the equipment, do not produce exhaust gas, and meet the environmental protection.

Optional wind regime

Centrifugal fan Medium pressure fan High pressure fan(standard configuration of this machine is 1500W medium pressure fan)





Overall machine sizeL×W×H)


The diameter of the air intake


Heat preservation layer


Multi fiber thermal insulation cotton



Nickel chromium heating wire

heat energy


Service life of heated wire

10000 hours

air intake

air blower

standard configuration of this machine is 1500W medium pressure fan

Maximum wind volume


Total pressure


Hot air exit


215mm 150mm

maximum quantity of wind


The highest temperature


Power Supply

Power demand


Overall machine power



Overall machine weight


Location : No. 320 Development Street, Qingyuan District, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China, 071100 Baoding City,
Contact : jiying shao, +863128016369

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Industrial hot air blower High air volume industrial hot air blower Industrial blower

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