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China Vehicles


truck Flywheel assy for Mercedes-Benz 352.030.3905

material: HT250,HT200,HT300 etc
timely delivery and OEMservice
high quality and competitive price
best after-sales service

FLYWHEELS FOR MERCEDES BENZ,MAN: Models/Engines: D0024, D0026, D0224, D0226, D0824, D0826, D0836, D0846, D2146, D2156, D2346, D2356, D2555, D2556,D2565, D2566, D2866, D2876, M.BENZ HUMMER Models/Engines: OM314, OM346, OM352/352A, OM355/355A, OM360, OM364, OM366 A-LA,OM401/402/403, OM421/422/423 -A-LA, OM427 A-LA, OM441/442/443 A-LA, OM447 HA-HLA, OM457 LA, OM501/502 LA, OM904/906 LA, OM924/926,LAMITSUBISHI,SCANIA, SSANGYONGModels/Engines: D11, D112, DS11, DSC11, DS111, DS14, DSC12, DSC14,DSC9,BMW,VOLVO,Models/Engines: TD100/101/102/103,TD120/121/122/123, TD162/163, D12A, D13 NISSAN MITSUBISHI6D11, 6D14/T, 6D15/T, 6D16/T,6D20, 6D22/T, 6D24, 6D40, S3F, S4E, S4F, S4KT, S4S, K3C-F, K4C-F, K3M, K4N, S6A,S6A2, S6A3, S6B, S6B2, S6B3, S6N, S6R,S6N2,6DC2,8DC2, 8DC4, 8DC6, 8DC8, 8DC9, 8DC10, 8DC11, 8DC81,8DC82,8DC91, 8DC91T, 10DC6, 10DC8 SAAB HINO CADILLAC EB100,EB300, ED100, EC100, EH100, EH300, EH700,EL100, EM100,EP100,EP100T, EK100, EK130, EK130T, HO7C,H06CT, H07CT, H07D W04CT, W04D, W06D, HO6, M10C, K13C, EF100, EF300, EF500, EF550, EF700, EF750, V22C ISUZU C240, 4JB, 4JC, 4BD, 4BD1T, 6BD1T, 3KR1, 3KR2, 3KB, 3KC, 3KR1, 3KR2, 3LB, 3LD, 4LE, 6SA1T, 6SD1T, 6RB1T, 10PB, 10PC, 10PD, 10PE, 12PB, 12PC, 12PD, 12PE IVECO KOMATSU MOSKVICH S4D95L, S4D105, S4D120, S6D95L, S6D108, S6D105, S6D110, S6D120, S6D125, S6D140, S6D155, S6D170 YANMAR 3TNA68, 3TNE68, 3T72HL, 3TNA72, 3T75, 3TNA78, 3T84, 3TN84, 3TNE84, 4TNV88, 4T100 RENAULT

Location : Shijiazhuang yuhua road, 050000 shijiazhuang,
Contact : cathy li, 86031167593334

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