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Dry Safe Soft Baby Training Pants

Sopure 360˚ Fit dry safe pull ups provides ultimate comfort and protection for babies on the move. Training pants adopt a 360° elastic waistband, an adaptive fit of high-quality baby diaper absorbent material, and protection of double leak-proof barrier and LockAway channel. The smart design makes diaper training pants easy to put on and take off, stay comfortable, and keep up with every move of the active baby. Our unique three-layer nappy training pants for sale design has a super absorbent core, which can absorb moisture from the skin even after multiple wetting, which means your child will stay dry all day. Combined with our fully breathable backing, babies' sensitive skin will stay dry and comfortable, which is called the most absorbent baby baby toddler training pants. The humidity indicator changes color to indicate when training nappies need to be replaced. Our flexible waistband and latex-free leg cuffs help the disposable training pants stay in place while maximizing the amount of exercise and allowing your child with pull up training diapers to move freely throughout the day.

Dry Safe Soft Baby Training Pants Features

All training pants for small toddlers are produced by world advanced machines;

Underwear Design and thick training pants;

Clothlike breathable back sheet;

Wetness indicator to remind parents to change diapers at the proper time;

Absorption core leak guard&Non-woven leak guard: Double prevention;

All direction waistband comforts training pants;

High-weight absorbent core, very soft to the touch, relatively high cost, uni training underpants.

Training Pants Vs Diapers

The most obvious difference between diapers and training pants is that one waist is not elastic, and the other is tight. The diapers are glued to the lower abdomen, while the training pants are glued to both sides of the thigh. The same point of baby diapers and training pants: they can absorb urine and block loose urine to keep the baby's skin dry, so as to avoid excessive moisture and rashes caused by long-term contact between the skin and urine. During the day, it helps your baby to play and at night, it helps your baby sleep through the night. The biggest advantage of disposable diaper and training pants is that it is convenient and hygienic. The baby can be replaced immediately if it gets dirty. It does not require parents to wash it hard, and it can also reduce bacterial infection.

The Reason For Choosing training pants for sensitive skin

Increased Independence—The elastic waist and pull-up style of training pants means your little one can go to the bathroom all by herself! They also teach basic skills like dressing and simultaneously help your child feel more confident about doing things on her own. When you opt for cloth training pants, your child will be able to feel if he or she has gone to the bathroom, which allows them to communicate accidents.

More Protection—Training pants feel like soft, comfortable undies but are much more protective and durable. That means that your toddler can wear them during the day and to bed and you won't have to worry about cleaning up messes in the morning. Remember that children don't have the best bladder control, so they will occasionally dribble even when they aren't fully “going.” Training pants are great for those scenarios.

Gradual Transition—Pediatricians often do not recommend going straight from regular diapers to underwear due to the fact that the change may be a bit too overwhelming all at once. Training pants are like training wheels—they help your child get comfortable with the idea of potty training without forcing her to jump in head first. We all know that slow introductions can be very useful with cautious kids.

There are many incontinence products manufacturers, but we are one of the best choices for you.

Location : Sanbaitan Village,Renhe Street,Yuhang District Hangzhou City, 311107 Zhejiang,
Contact : .com sopurecare, 0571 86925128

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Dry Safe Soft Baby Training Pants

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