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D.valve 134110-5320 P44

China-Balin Part Plant is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts.With the decades export experience, we keep the international standard step and testing technical. And our quality of products is in the same class with other overseas famous manufactures.
Our major products is as below,
1. injector nozzle
2. head rotor
3. delivery valve
4. plunger/element
5. control valve
6. VE pump
7. test bench
8. cam disk
9. repair kits
If you have any interested in our products or have any
inquiry, please contact Amy.
More models we can supply you as below:

D.valve P 134110-0420 P3
D.valve P 134110-0520 P4
D.valve P 134110-0920 P8
D.valve P 134110-1420 P13
D.valve P 134110-1720 P16
D.valve P 134110-2120 P20
D.valve P 134110-2420 P23
D.valve P 134110-4220 P41
D.valve P 134110-4420 P43
D.valve P 134110-4520 P44
D.valve P 134110-5320 P52
D.valve P 134110-5420 P53
D.valve P 134110-6220 P16
D.valve P 134110-6320 P62
D.valve P 134110-7020 P69
D.valve P 134110-7220 P71
D.valve P 134110-7420 P73
D.valve P 134110-7520 P74
D.valve P 134110-7820 P77
D.valve P 134110-8920 P88
D.valve P 134160-1020 11P
D.valve A 138110-0420 13A
D.valve P 146430-0020 VE1
D.valve P 146430-1420 VE15
D.valve P 146430-2120 VE21
Skype: huang.amy4
Location : Hualin Industrial Zone , 351100 putian,
Contact : Amy ou, 86 15959403321

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D.valve 134110-5320 P44

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