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Turkey 35860 Food

Monday, January 17, 2022

Quantity : available - Price : $ 1600/ton fob

Raisins and Cubed figs are the main ingredient of bakery (fruit cakes, fruit bread) and Breakfeast cereal, Muesli, Ice cream, Fruit bar, Chocolate coating industries. Fig paste is the largest used filling for fruit-biscuits, fruit bars. Raisin paste is the 30-40% of all main meat sauces...

Izmir Fig Packers Ltd

Turkey 35860 Food
Dried figs, Cubed figs, Fig paste

Monday, April 30, 2018

Quantity : 100 tons - Price : $ 1600/ton fob Izmir

Dried figs are one of the most “nutritive” food for all ages. It is the food containing the highest percentage of calcium, which is essential for children to build strong bones and teeth, and essential for grown ups for muscle control, specially for rhytmical heart beat. Dried figs...

Izmir Fig Packers Ltd

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