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China 215123 Jewelry
CMT03P Ebike Mid Motor

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Shengyi powerful CMT-03P motor is strong enough to ride on rough mountain trail, which offers stable, smooth and continuous power to support 120NM max torque. Main parameter of CMT03P Ebike Mid Motor More power. More assistance. MTB e-bike 120N.m max torque. As a professional china...

Suzhou Shengyi Motor Co., Ltd

  • 215123 - Suzhou
  • 0512 65963935
China 215123 Jewelry
Ebike Mid Motor

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Mid motor is mounted on the frame where the pedal crank is. Mid motor are far more complex than hub motors, which also cost too much. The major advantage of the mid-motor drive is the mechanical characteristics offered by the gears. Mid-motor bikes could clearly outperform hub motor...

Suzhou Shengyi Motor Co., Ltd

  • 215123 - Suzhou
  • 0512 65963935
China 325604 Jewelry
Release Zip Ties

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

eco friendly zip ties in black great for use in the office, home, garage, workshop, and more. Our release zip tie are perfect for securing bags, cables, wires in tight places, piping, or any job that needs to be done in a hurry, securing bike accessories, organizing electrical wires...

Zhejiang Saichuang Connector co.,ltd

  • 325604 - Zhejiang
  • 86 0577 62705111
China 317511 Jewelry

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Founded in 2011, ZEGO Tool-bar upholds the production of professional industrial paint spraying tools and accessories adopting advanced technology and equipment. Understanding that product performance and security are the top priorities when it comes to bringing our products home...


  • 317511 - Songmen
  • 0576 86229528
China 310012 Jewelry
GYTA / GYTS Fiber Optic Cable

Saturday, December 09, 2023

The structure of GYTA cable is that single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber is sheathed in a loose tube made of high modulus polyester material, and the tube is filled with waterproof compound. The center of the cable core is a metal reinforcedcore. For certain GYTA fiber cable or...

Hangzhou Tuolima Network Technologies Co., Ltd

  • 310012 - Hangzhou
  • 86 0571 28339008
Morocco 34000 Jewelry
Exceptional raw emerald

Friday, December 08, 2023

Quantity : 115 KG - Price : 50 000 000 €

exceptional raw emerald specifications: origin: brazil weight: 115 kg description: we are delighted to present an extraordinary raw emerald, sourced from the prestigious mines of brazil. this unique piece, weighing an impressive 115 kg, showcases rich green hues and exceptional rarity...

  • 34000 - fes
  • +212707129880
  • +212671852943
China 310012 Jewelry
Double Cartridge Seals D13

Friday, December 08, 2023

Replacement for: John crane SL Agitators Features: Pulp and paper plant Sulzer APP pumps Performance Capabilities of Double Cartridge Seals D13 Temperature: -20℃ to 200℃, dependent on the elastomer Pressure: Up to 15 bar Speed: Up to 20 m/s End play/axial float allowance ±1.0mm...

Hangzhou Sealcon Fluid Machinery Co., Ltd

  • 310012 - Xixi
  • +86 571 86958675
  • +8613858096753
China 215127 Jewelry
PakGent 200 Super Long Universal Pipette Tips

Thursday, December 07, 2023

200 Super Long Universal Pipette Tips are designed for pipetting large amounts of liquid. They are made of superior quality, high purity polypropylene, which is autoclavable, and allows for maximum accuracy and precision. They are designed to fit most popular pipettes. The tips...

PakGent Bioscience (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

  • PakGent
  • 215127 - suzhou
  • 0512 6670 0017
China Xiaogang Street Jewelry
Solar Digital Thermometer

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Solar Digital Thermometer For digital thermometers, we have bottom connection digital outdoor thermometer, back connection digital outdoor thermometer and adjustable connection digital outdoor thermometer for option. Specifications of Solar Powered Digital Thermometer Dial 3” (75mm) ...

GC Gauge Company

  • gaugechina
  • 315000 - Xiaogang Street
  • +86 57488329830
China 325024 Jewelry
Control Ball Valves

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Weidouli Control Ball Valves contain an On-off control ball valve(O type ball design) and a Control Segment ball valve(V type ball design). The on-off control ball valve is evolved from plug valve, the opening and closing parts is a ball, using the ball goes around the axis of the...

Weidouli Valves Co.,Ltd

  • 325024 - Wenzhou
  • +13 9 58 97 18 12
China 518103 Jewelry
FX-100W All In One Solar Street Light

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

The FX-oem 100w led street light from JKCSOLAR is a high-performance, energy-efficient, and cost-effective device. It is intended for outdoor use and is constructed of high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy and tempered glass. For optimal illumination performance, it offers...

Shenzhen Beatles Energy Co., Ltd

  • 518103 - Shenzhen
  • 86 0755 23702163
China 2003 Jewelry
Downspout Roll Forming Machine

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Downspout roll forming machine, also known as downspout pipe forming machine,downspout elbow machine, roof leader, downcomer, or gutter Downpipe machine. Downspouts collect roof rainwater, which is part of the downspouts system and focuses on rainwater laid below the ground. Hangzhou...

Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co.,Ltd

  • 311202 - XIAOSHAN
  • +86 571 82686709
China 2003 Jewelry
Double Side Manual Decoiler

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Specifications of Double Side Manual Decoiler Type Double side Capacity 2t/2.5t/3t/5t/8t is optional Extension mode Manual Decoiling mode Powered/Unpowered is Optional Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd has more types of decoilers machine for sale, Welcome to contact...

Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co.,Ltd

  • 311202 - XIAOSHAN
  • +86 571 82686709
China 511450 Jewelry

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

SM808AP-SM808HP P SERIES LOW PROFILE LED STROBE BEACONS (ECE R65) SUMBEXAUTO SM808 P Series micro led strobe beacons, 4 types of mounts for options depends on the installation. Which are made of high-quality PC dome and top-level LED for the brighter light source. Flexible pipe mount...


  • SMBX
  • 511450 - Animation Ind
  • 89237809 8006
China 518000 Jewelry
Tesoo Scanning Low Distortion Lens

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Tesoo scanning lens can reduce the degree of perspective deformation. The sensor size of scanning lens is 1/2'' to 1/3''. TTL: 7.49-22.3mm. EFL: 1.65-16mm. F.NO: 2.0/2.2/2.6/4.0/4.8/6.0. MBFL: 1.48-6.30mm. Get scanning lens price now! Tesoo also provides other kinds of low distortion...

Shenzhen Tesoo Optical Co., Ltd.

China 518126 Jewelry
Lithium Battery Pack for Inverter 25.6V 200Ah

Saturday, December 02, 2023

High Cycle Life Greater than 5000 cycles @ 80% DOD, 25°C Longer lifespan Low-maintenance batteries with stable chemical composition Built-in circuit protection Battery Management System (BMS) prevents overcharging and over discharging, extends battery lifespan, and monitors battery...

Shenzhen BaoEr Energy Technology Co., LTD.

  • 518126 - BaoAn
  • 0755 22189199
China 610200 Jewelry
Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Intrinsically safe noise dosimeter, mode YSD130, is an intrinsically safe noise detector, with explosion-proof mark Ex ib I Mb, used for noise detection in coal mines. Professional noise meter has a wide dynamic range, as well as fast and slow time constant setting. it is easy to carry...

Sichuan Xuxin Technology Co., LTD

  • 610200 - XUXIN
  • 028 85720084
China 213125 Jewelry

Friday, December 01, 2023

We are specialists in the coated abrasives industry. We supply RMC brand abrasive paper, abrasive cloth, velcro disc, flap disc, flap wheel, non-woven abrasives, surface condition abrasives, sponge abrasives, net abrasives, film abrasives, polishing pad, grinding cube abrasives...


  • 213125 - jiangsu
  • +13 5 61 68 53 88
China 518100 Jewelry
Standard TFT LCD Display Module

Thursday, November 30, 2023

LCD (liquid crystal display) screens come in various sizes and resolutions. Resolution is defined as the number of pixels or small dots that make up an LCD screen. ... Each of these pixels turns on and off and filters light through colored sub-pixels which results in an image. Exson...

Shenzhen EXSON Technology CO.,LTD

  • 518100 - Shenzhen
  • 0755 2101 8006
China 201802 Jewelry
Twist Wire Wheel Brush

Thursday, November 30, 2023

The fiber of this kind of twisted wire wheel brush is consist of a bunch of carbon steel wire and twist them together, which has a strong cutting force, destructive power. Twisted knot wire brush wheel is mainly used in the first grinding process, suitable for removing the hardest...

Shanghai Longguang Industrial Brushes Co., Ltd

  • 200060 - shanghai
  • +18 6 16 97 37 99
China 510000 Jewelry
Detection Kit for Enterovirus 71/Coxsackievirus A16/Enterovirus RNA (PCR-Fluorescence...)

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Detection Kit for Enterovirus 71/Coxsackievirus A16/Enterovirus RNA (PCR-Fluorescence Probing) is used for the in vitro qualitative detection of enterovirus in feces, throat swab and anal swab specimens, and can be used to distinguish between coxsackievirus a16 and enterovirus 71...

Daan Gene Co., Ltd.

  • 510000 - Guangzhou
  • 86 20 32068126
China 116300 Jewelry
Split Spherical Roller Bearings

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Split spherical roller bearings are specialized bearings that consist of two separate halves, allowing for easy installation and replacement. They are designed to accommodate heavy radial and axial loads and are particularly useful in applications where access is limited or where...

WKB (Wafangdian) Bearing Technology Co,. Ltd.

  • WKB
  • 116300 - Liaoning
  • (+86)0411 85529188
China 116300 Jewelry
Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

These bearings have a deep raceway groove, allowing them to accommodate radial loads and moderate axial loads in both directions. Widely used in various applications, they offer low friction and high-speed capabilities. Why Use Deep Groove Ball Bearings? Deep groove ball bearings...

WKB (Wafangdian) Bearing Technology Co,. Ltd.

  • WKB
  • 116300 - Liaoning
  • (+86)0411 85529188
China 325603 Jewelry
7.2KW Type 2 EV Charging Tethered Cable

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Our 7.2KW tethered type 2 cable is a high-quality, durable charging solution for electric vehicles. It offers a robust and fast charging capability, compatible with Type 2 EV inlets, and is designed for easy use and storage, providing efficient charging at home or commercial locations...

Religare Electric Co.,Ltd.

  • 325603 - Zhejiang
  • +86 1956 4408 173
China 518101 Jewelry
HMCG-Ⅰ Series Component Harmonic Gearing

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

HMCG-Ⅰ Series Component Harmonic Gearing HMCG-I consists of three basic components: flexible gear, rigid gear, and wave generator. The flexible gear is a cup-shaped standard structure, and its input shaft directly cooperates with the inner hole of harmonic drive strain wave gear box...

Shenzhen Han's Motion Technology CO.,Ltd

  • 518101 - Bao'an
  • 0755 86686736
China 518101 Jewelry
Buy Harmonic Drive

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Through big data modeling, simulation optimization and performance verification, cheap harmonic drive company Han's Motion team realizes the optimal design of tooth profile, breaks through barriers of experience accumulation and correction in transmission design, and continuously...

Shenzhen Han's Motion Technology CO.,Ltd

  • 518101 - Bao'an
  • 0755 86686736
China 999077 Jewelry
PP Isolation Gown

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Made from polypropylene material, this disposable isolation gown is designed for protecting the wearer from the transfer of microorganisms and body fluids in low or minimal risk patient isolation situations.It is generously sized for greater coverage and flexibility, features neck ties...

Procare Connectivity Limited

  • 999077 - KOWLOON
  • 0086 131 6717 8786
China 241100 Jewelry
TV Mounts

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Wall brackets normally go hand in hand with a TV. Many people are opting for LCD televisions and TV bracket manufacturers are following closely behind with an array of wall mounts to choose from. To appreciate the nature of the brackets and the way it functions in conjunction to the television...

Wuhu Xingdian Industry And Trading Co., Ltd.

  • 241100 - Wuhu
  • +86 553 5898058
China 100000 Jewelry
Pt-Pse109gbro-D Single Port Poe Injector Industrial Rated Dc To Dc

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Pt-Pse109gbro-D Single Port Poe Injector Industrial Rated Dc To Dc PT-PSE109GBRO-D Industrial-rated DC to DC PoE injector Product Review: PT-PSE109GBRO-D is a single-port industrial-rated DC to DC PoE injector.DC PoE injector enclosed in a high impact metal shell. Two types of DC...

China 510260 Jewelry
Custom White Cardboard Eco Friendly Candle Jar Packaging Box

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Custom White Cardboard Eco Friendly Candle Jar Packaging Box Product List Product name Eco Friendly Candle Packaging Size L25*W9*H9cm Accept Customization Color White Shape Rectangle Industrial Use Gift Packaging Usage StorageCandle Logo Customer's Logo Printing CMYK...


  • 510260 - Guangzhou
  • +86 1501 3098 742
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