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Seller indotradeassociation

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Member since 10 December 2016
Place where the seller is located : Sukoharjo
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indo trade association is from the 1990 an italian indonesian company, with an consolidated collaboration of an local association that grouped more furniture manufacturing firms of the sectors the : antiques reproductions, design and contemporary art, that will distinguished for certificate high quality of the products and experience, the main activities of our company are in the prevalence specialized in the handmade manufacturing in solid natural wood, but also various other materials, the all over with finishes of exclusively natural product & materials of the original antique italian tradition, in particular venetian & florentine art, such as lacquering, gilding & silvering leaf, paintings, shellac & beeswax, all strictly hand made. the founder and the management are italian, with indonesia craftsmen and artists, with high experience of family generations of art & antiques business in the field of artistic production & import export market in the world. for all possible information, detail & requests, please, contact us, meantime visit our website to make you a general idea about our production, thank you

Indonesia 57168 Furnitures
Italian Manufacturing of Art Furniture, Design & Antiques from Indonesia

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Quantity : 1 20 FT CO - Price : From 10000 USD

The Photo Represents an Example of a Large and Monumental Sideboard, in Solid Mahogany Wood, Handmade Manufactured and Sculpted, Finished Lacquered and Leaf Gilded Manually, as from Old Italian Tradition, the Sideboard be divided into 2 bodies (of Lower and Upper part) The Approximate...


Indonesia 57168 Furnitures
Italian Manufacturing of Art Furniture, Design & Antiques from Indonesia

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Quantity : one 20 Ft - Price : From 10000 USD

We propose to All Interested Companies, One 20 Ft Container of Handmade Mixed Goods as : Furniture, Mirror Frames, Objects, Statues, Complements, etc. etc. … All in Hard Solid Wood (Mahogany, Cedar or Teak) in Various Style, Sizes and Models, with Wood Color, Lacquering, Gilding...