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DISINFECTION TUNNEL, mobile & removable SG-RT02

Quantity : 24   Price : 3 450,00 €

DISINFECTION TUNNEL, mobile & removable SG-RT02
Unit price excluding VAT: € 3,450 (excluding transport, customs clearance taxes)

1. Human body temperature measurement by infrared, sound and light alarm display
3.Smart hand washing and disinfection spray
4.Automatic induction ultrasonic fog, stop when people walk in and out
5. Spray equalizer box, pressure reduction, so as not to aggress the face.
6.Waste liquid tank circulating from the bottom, centralized collection of liquid waste
7.Recall function and equipment status control
8.automatic liquid filling function
9.external ramp pedal
10. Auxiliary lighting function
11. Quick set-up
12. The basic construction material is 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel plate, which can bear 2 tons of weight. All accessories comply with CE standards and the circuits are arranged cleanly, reducing the risks of safety, tightness, leakage and environmental protection.

Power source: 220V ~ 240V or customized
Weight: About 220kg
Wattage: 450W
Operating noise: Less than 36 dB
Work environment: 0? ± 35?
External dimension: 2300mm (H) * 1150mm (W) * 1950mm (L)
Channel size: 2000mm (H) * 1050mm (W) * 1950mm (L)
Type of disinfectant: Food grade disinfectant
Volume of disinfection tank: 13 / 18L
Temperature collecting distance: 5-10cm
Temperature collection time: About 3-5 seconds
Temperature collection accuracy: +/- 0.5? at room temperature
Temperature collection location: Forehead, wrist inside (non-contact type)
Temperature collection range: 32-45?

Item number: SG-RT02
• new high quality machine, delivered directly to your home, with conformity documents and instructions.
• available except for sale in the meantime
Ordering methods:
• balance before shipment to your home
• shipping costs and customs taxes are not included (qts 24pcs / 20 '' container, Package size: 2.2m (L) * 1.15m (W) * 0.95 m (H) weight: 280kg)
• payment accepted: bank transfer 50% on order, balance on shipment.
Guarantee: We apply a 1-year parts guarantee on our productions. More information, please contact us.

Location : lisboa, 1990-019 lisboa,
Contact : philippe patrick, +351 308 802 887

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DISINFECTION TUNNEL, mobile & removable SG-RT02

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