12-month / 1-category GOLD ad

Reference GLD121

Post a GOLD ad for 12 months on Algomtl will bring you a larger visibility on the website.

With a GOLD ad, you will enjoy the following advantages:

- Your ad always above our free ads in the chosen categories as well as in results by key-words

- Attractive layout for your Gold ad

- Unlimited editing and updates of your ads for our VERIFIED members (updates are limited if not VERIFIED)

- Possibility for the user to contact you directly from the results page

- Summary of your ad directly available for the result page

- Possibility to include flash animations on your ad

- Zoom on the picture of your product just by passing the cursor on the image

Nombre de catégorie : 1 +0,00 €
Durée : 12 mois +0,00 €
249,95 excl. VAT